There are roughly 50,000 lawyers in the state of Pennsylvania alone according to the Pennsylvania Bar Association. What this means is that your potential clients have options when looking for their next personal injury lawyer or child custody attorney. But how do you break through and differentiate yourself from the pack?

The answer to that question lies in not only how well you market your unique selling proposition (what makes you different) to potential clients, but how you 1. effectively build valuable content around your brand and 2. how accessible that content is to your audience.

Users are consuming video content more than ever before. Since 73% of US adults use YouTube, your customers are already watching YouTube videos and subscribing to their favorite channels, now it’s just a matter of getting in front of them. But why is YouTube effective for lawyers and law firms specifically?

1. Content Retention Rate

People engage with video at a higher rate than any other piece of content. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text, such as a blog article or social post. By creating 30 second to 5 minute videos answering specific “frequently asked client questions” or simply “what to do if you find yourself in X situation”, your not only creating valuable content for your audience, your presenting it in a highly effective, digestible form that people are much likely to recall in situations of anxiety or stress. Like after a car accident or domestic dispute. Staying front of mind for your audience is key in breaking through the noise and being someone’s “go-to” legal advisor.

2. Brand Personality

A Youtube video literally mimics a one on one conversation with a client. Your audience can get an idea of your personality, experience, and commitment to their needs when they consume your content visually. Searching for trusted legal advice can be intimidating for a client. They’re not even sure where to start and typically wonder how they can be totally sure the lawyer they choose will “treat them like family” as promised in one of their articles or billboards. Dispel that idea immediately by showing them you’re the expert in your specific niche. Building trust only happens through thoughtful communication. Attorneys that provide actual value for their audience before any selling happens is a great way to maximize brand awareness and increase leads for your practice over time.

3. Low Barriers to Entry

Building video content does not have to be difficult. You don’t need expensive equipment or a video production company that often warrants a lofty price tag. All you need is a smart phone, good lighting, and a valuable message for your audience. That’s literally it. Think of this as planting seeds with your first few videos and then growing over time along with your business.

Hopefully after someone watches your video, they’ll be interested enough to then check out your website. That’s why each video should include a CTA (call to action; your viewers need to act in some way after watching like visiting your website or subscribing to your channel for future videos), and a brief description of the video’s contents that include additional keywords like your town, specialty, and common cases you litigate. This makes you more accessible when searched and maximizes the value of the platform.

In conclusion, I can’t stress enough how important it is to provide value to your customers and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This goes for any professional looking to grow their business, not just lawyers. Just as I’d like to be the “go-to digital specialist” for your law firm, you want to establish yourself in our area as the “go to lawyer” of X specialty. The advantage you’ll have over the lawyers and firms that are simply relying on outdated marketing channels that are just so saturated and full of noise is only increasing. Cut through and actually give people a chance to find you by creating thoughtful, personal video content that will resonate with your audience in places they are already looking.

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