This past month, I’ve made the transition from selling the “Born & Raised in Scranton” as just a print/art piece and into merchandise sold at women’s clothing store, the Daisy Collective.

In a matter of 5 weeks, we’ve sold about 90% of our ordered inventory, which I obviously love to see.

I think it’s a testament to how proud the people of Scranton are to be from Scranton. In light of Scranton’s Parade Day celebration on March 14th, which serves as the second largest St Patrick’s Day parade in the country, I added a two-tone, green and black version of the traditional Born & Raised for the Scranton natives, as well as a branding exercise for the Daisy Collective on the sleeve to spread awareness and visibility to people that may or may not have heard of the boutique. I expect to see a sharp increase in social followers, shoppers, and awareness in the area as buyers being to rock these sweatshirts with a cold adult beverage in hand as they celebrate their favorite local holiday.

Looking forward to more releases like these in the future as I navigate the world of retail and leveraging my own work as something people want to wear and align their own personal brand with.