FieldHouse Print

In 2019, I worked with a local client that was having issues effectively communicating their brand’s message and services. FH Print is a custom screen printing shop, outfitting enterprise level companies with employee merchandise and sportswear. They needed a more intuitive layout for their service content, and a simple, 3 step process for their checkout experience. Customers can buy custom, screen-printed gear straight from the site, while also communicating project ideas directly to FH Print’s design team for a more efficient project workflow.


In 2018, I took the site from an outdated Wix layout, to a cleaner, responsive experience optimized for all devices.


The previous checkout process for FH Print was clunky and needed specific storefronts that could only be accessed by the proper employees. I created password protected pages for each company that allows employees to order their office gear quickly and easily for pickup in office.


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